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206-06 Jamaica Avenue
(corner of Francis Lewis Blvd)

Hours of Operation -- Map & Directions

Our Certified NYS Auto Inspection Station is conveniently located in Queens Village NY. We offer drop off inspection service as well as inspections while you wait *Certain expedited fees may apply.*

Even if you have an old car that has previously failed inspection, we can get you the servicing you need to pass inspection at affordable rates.

NYS Required Inspection Details

Below is a short list of the items that are part of the official New York State Inspection. While most of these items are inspected manually, a major part of the inspection is done electronically by connecting your vehicle to the electronic inspection system that is directly connected to the New York State Vehicle Inspection Verification System.

  • Seat Belts
    Includes inspection for proper operation and anchorage.
  • Air Bag
    Your vehicle's Air Bag Warning Lamp will be checked for proper operation. Though not a cause for rejection, we will let you know if there is a problem.
  • Brakes
    At least one front wheel must be removed to inspect the brakes.
  • Front End Assembly
    Includes inspection of steering mechanism, shocks, springs and torsion bars, chassis and wheel fasteners.
  • Tires
    Tire depth, condition and pressure.
  • Lights
    Check for approved lights and functionality.
  • Windshield Wipers & Blades
    Check for presence and operation.
  • Horn
    Check mounting and operation.
  • Mirrors
    Check mirror locations for proper mounting, cracks, breaks, and/or discoloration.
  • Fuel Leaks
    Any fuel leak that causes dripping or pooling is not acceptable.